Not necessarily, an engagement ring should be made of Diamond. It can be gold or pearl as well. Unless, diamond is your favorite stone, an Ethical Engagement Rings should be something personal. Do not go for a ring, just because it is socially expected, you should choose a ring that is completely based on your personal choice.

Most importantly, if you are looking it for your girl, then it is a matter of taste what she likes. If she likes diamond, then it should be a diamond ring else it could be anything depending on her liking.

I would recommend you to have ethical designer rings (made of stone she likes) to make her surprise by presenting it on the engagement day.

When it comes to engagement ring, you may have numerous options, for instance – antiques, vintage, traditional, modern etc. These days, contemporary gold and Ethical Diamond Rings are very popular among people because these are not only on trend but feature magnificent design to value wedding ceremony.

Once the moment receives an engagement ring, the girl you love expects to get something that reflects her inner personal sense of taste. Hence, presenting a pure-cut filigree ring can be completely different yet stylish and versatile to make her feel so special.

There are certainly various advantages of buying such filigree jeweler. As it features the delicate kind of metalwork, your girlfriend will like it for sure. If you wish to present the best most sensual filigree ring to your girlfriend at the engagement day, then click on the Filigree Jewellery to browse and shop the best contemporary gold diamond rings.